Coalmont Centennial

1911 ~ 2011

Tipple It is exactly 100 years since Coalmont came into being. We have been called a ghost town, and our closest communities, Granite Creek and Blakeburn, are long gone. But we're still here!

Coalmont was first mentioned in the Similkameen Star on February 15, 1911 when the Columbia Coal and Coke Company announced their intention to develop the area. The town plan was registered in Kelowna June 6. Development was rapid and the Coalmont Post Office opened Aug 1, while the VV&E Railway tracks reached here three months later.

CCC stables The Canadian Census for 1911 reports 7 million people in the whole country, 50 people in Granite Creek, and 103 in Coalmont. Since then the national population has grown, Granite is uninhabited, and Coalmont still has a hundred people.

Coalmont Courier advertisment Coalmont was advertised as The Town of Opportunity, and 1911 was an exciting time all over the world. That year saw the world's first air mail and the First International Woman's Day. Two years later Henry Ford started his famous production line, followed shortly by the opening of the Panama Canal and the publishing of Einstein's theory of relativity.